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Sunday, 3 November 2019

Flexible waterproof silicon folding Keyboard Wireless with Bluetooth

Silicon folding Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

silicon folding wireless bluetooth keyboard

This Cool computer gadget is a folable keyboard which is Compatible With All iOS, Android, Mac, And Windows Devices, Ultra Slim. This folding keyboard is  Rugged and waterproof and made of silicone so it can be cleaned with soap and water and other cleaners (non-petroleum based). This full size folding keyboard is a wireless keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity and have rubberized surface provides a  comfortable typing experience. This portable Silicon keyboard is a best latest gadget for computers users like games, bloggers etc.

This portable folding keyboard is a Bluetooth enabled keyboard with the range upto 10m and the best part is This can be connected with you smartphones whether its android or ios, and can be you with both the devices and you can use it as a smartphone keyboard.
foldable keyboard

Wireless folding Keyboard description

  • Wireless bluetooth connectivity with transmission range up to 10m
  • Made from durable and flexible silicone material: dustproof, spill-proofand washable
  • Technologically advanced: silent typing
  • Package list: 1 x bluetooth silicone keyboard for ipad, 1 x usb charging cable, 1 x user manual
  • Size: 260x86x4mm
  • Weight: 96g
For bloggers this foldable Bluetooth keyboard is a fun and very comfortable and can take a blogging experience to a next level by providing them a great comfort with its extra soft keypad and  therefore this is the best blogging keyboard. With the help to This folding wireless keyboard they can start blogging any where, anytime and same with the case of gamers and professional writers and also can be connected to any device whether it is computer or smartphone. It also have a very soft keypad which gave a whole new experience of silent typing.

best foldable bluetooth keyboard
This foldable keyboard is the best computer accessory as we all know keyboard is a very essential part of computer and it's more cool when we get that in the the form of  waterproof silicon portable folding wireless Bluetooth keyboard. It has a great advantage because this silicon keyboard is easily washable and fully dust proof.

price of silicon folding keyboard

Price of  wireless folding keyboard is affordable and is easily available in all countries, you can easily order it online from any e commerce site such as amazon, flipkart etc, or you can check the link above that will redirect you to amazon from where you can buy silicon foldable keyboard  

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