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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Bionic Bird Shaped Spy drone with Smartphone Connectivity

Bionic Bird Drone 

Bionic Bird drone

Bionic Bird Done is a drone that look bird. This bird shape drone is a example of marvelous engineering in modern time which show us how a fit all technologies in a small compact bird shaped drone. Flying Robotic bird Drone has a range of 100 meters with inbuilt camera. This Bird Drone was shown in the India movie named URI Surgical strike where it was called as Garud drone .

This nano humming Bird drone has smartphone connectivity hand can be operated through you smartphone with both the operators Androids and ios. Uri garud drone requires a Bluetooth connectivity to connect with you device, it has a weight of 10 grams with chargeable batteries which can give up a 1 hour back up. This sky bird drone has "Carbon fiber wings".

Uri movie garud drone have a range of 100 meters and can fly upto 20 km per hour speed. With HD camera, smartphone connectivity, Audio and video recording with live streaming feature direct on your smartphone.

Bird Shaped spy drone

Garud bird drone features 

  • Range: 100 m range
  • For apple or android devices: iphone (6 plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s) /ipod touch, and android 4.3 and up
  • Requires bluetooth 4
  • Weighing less than 10g
  • It flies with up to a 100m range with speeds up to 20 km/h
  • Smartphone controlled “connected” Bird
  • A unique and patented technology, gold medalist of the French and famous Concours Lépine, engendering a poetic and “larger than life” bird.
  • Range 350 feet – 8 min of flight – Weight of 0.33oz – 12min charging time - Flying speed adjustable from 4 to 12 mph
  • Easy handling indoors & aerial stunts outdoors – 4 flying modes available – Compatible with Iphone 4S, 3RD generation Ipad, Android 4.3 and higher versions
  • Box Content: 1 bird ready-to-fly, 1 QR code to download the free App, 1 egg (portative charger) to quickly charge the bird wherever you are, 2 spare wings, 1 USB cord to charge the egg, 1 packet of aluminium weights to balance wings.
If you are searching for spy bird drone with camera this bird like drone is a perfect gadgets for you guys. If we talk about its wonderful bird like design they put a whole machine in a compact bird and with multiple features. This bird flying drone have enormous features and advantages and can be used at different places 

Use of the bird shaped drone AKA garud drone  

  1. Can be used as spy drone 
  2. Military purpose flying drone
  3. Marriage shooting drone 
  4. can be used as flying toy
  5. can be used as area inspector                            

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