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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Roav VIVA Alexa for car charger, Navigation, Hands-Free Calling and Music


alexa enabled car charger
Alexa enable car charger 
Good news for all car drivers alexa is now here with its alexa enabled car charger which comes with the multiple features.The company has since launched various products in India, including Alexa-enabled speakers, Bluetooth wireless speakers, car chargers, power banks, robotic vacuum cleaner, USB cables, and wireless earphones under Anker, Eufy, and Soundcore. Alexa is one of the treading sensation and now its available for our cars with its Roav VIVA alexa enabled usb car charger. 

Amazon Alexa for cars has 2 usb ports with 2 integrated microphones which provides noice cancellations and very accurate voice identification. Amazon alexa car device can also be use as a navigator which can help you to navigate your location and make your traveling much easier, and hence save your time with voice command features. Alexa have a connectivity with iPhones and Android .
alexa echo for car
alexa echo for car

Add alexa to car to enjoy the hand free calling just by voice command for safe driving and Music with voice commands or this have a addition feature of tap to mute, You just have to double tap the device to mute it. Alexa car assistance will work as a Alexa wireless Bluetooth speaker for car which will work on voice command and make your driving safe without diverting your mind while driving. Hurry on and bring Alexa voice assistance to your car and enjoy all of the Amazon Alexa's function in any car .This product is similar to Bose frame Audio sunglasses with Bluetooth connectivity  ,you will also like this product if you love Amazon alexa.

Features of alexa enabled car charger 

  1. Amazon Alexa Voice Isolation: 2 integrated microphones provide noise cancellation and accurate voice identification.
  2. Roav VIVA Alexa has High-Speed Charging: Dual charging ports equipped with Anker's exclusive PowerIQ technology deliver blazing charging speeds to both driver and passenger.
  3. Tap To Mute: Just hit the button to effortlessly mute and unmute the microphones, so Alexa is only listening when you want her to be.
  4. Note: Please check your car's outlet before purchasing. If your VIVA cannot be plugged in or has connection issues with your car, return it for a full refund in 30 days. Please check the list of unsuitable car models below. If you have other issues, contact us via Live Chat in the app. May have compatibility issues playing media via Bluetooth with Doge Caravan. Try connecting your phone to your car via CarPlay or Android Auto.

alexa enabled car charger price

Advantages of Amazon Alexa in car 

  1. Roav VIVA Amazon alexa works as car charger. 
  2. Free wireless speakers with voice command .
  3. Work as navigator which speaks out your direction .
  4. Hand free calling for safe driving. 
  5. Enable for all voice commands. 
  6. Play music with voice command.  

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