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Monday, 16 September 2019

10 New features in iphone 11 and new watch series that you may know

10 New features in iphone 11

10 New features in iphone 11

1. Anti-breakage safety in ipone 11 

top 10 features in iPhone 11

All new models of iphone 11 comes with the hardest glass body led which is not used by any company earlier on there phones, which makes more durable and upgrade its water resistance to another level. As we all know Apple is coming up with its new phone i.e iPhone 11 and this is the first new feature in iPhone 11 out of  top 10 features in iphone 11

2. Mini DSLR in iPhone 11  

iphone 11 camera features

This new series of Iphone 11, iPhone max and iPhone pro comes with upgraded cameras, unlike previous times .Now iPhone 11 can capture 60fps 4k High definition videos . All three apple iPhone 11 model comes with this feature.

3. Fast reorganization 

New Apple iPhone 11 have a better face recognizer. Now its clamed to have 30% faster faceID in new iphone 11 than there precious models.

4. Ultra wide-band technology 

All Apple iphone 11 devices get the ultra wide band technology with U1 chips through which we will get more bandwidth and frequency which can help users for more internet speed and can support real time high definition video streaming and also gives ability to work on low SNRs which offers high performance in Noisy environment. 

5. Upgrade wifi Network in iphone 11  

Now all iphone 11, iphone 11 pro and iphone 11 pro max support wifi 6 networks which is next generation wifi technology. This network has more efficient data encoding and can increase 40 % more data efficiency .Therefore in simple words iphone 11 will give more internet speed on mobile data and WIFI as well.

6. Super fast charging 

This cool feature will increase the charging speed in new iphone 11. All new iphones now supports 18W fast charging so now charging will be super fast and iphone users will be very happy with this feature so they don't have to sit and wait for there iphone to full charge 

7. Multi Music listener in iPhone 

 One happy news for sibling and for couples that the new iphone 11 can be connected with two pairs of  Airpods in all 3 new iphone 11 models .Now more than 1 person can connect through iphone so now you don't have to fight for your turn .

8. Audio zoom feature 

Apple iphone pro and iphone pro Max gets audio zoom feature, same as samsung galaxy Note 10 .Sorry but iphone 11 users will not be able to enjoy this feature. Now the question is what is audio zoom feature ? This features a "Zoom-In Mic"feature that can amplify audio and focus on sound happening in the frame while pushing out background noise.


9. Double storage 

This new feature is for Apple iPhone 11 and Apple smart watch series 5 . Apple will enhance the storage capacity in there iphone 11 models  but will double the storage in Apple watch series 5 i.e 32GB  as compared to Apple watch series 4 i.e 16GB.

10. Exclusive international Emergency calls 

Last but now least, this feature is not for iphone 11 but it is for Apple watch. Now Apple is giving its Apple watch series 5 a new feature of international Emergency callings to series 5 GPS + cellular model only .These where the 10 New features in iPhone 11 and Apple watch series 5.

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